Andrew Dobson (born 15 April 1957) is a British political author and formerly a Professor, specialising in environmental politics.

Dobson has a BA in Politics from the University of Reading and D.Phil in Politics from St John's College, Oxford. His best-known work is entitled All of the day Brother, in which he argues that 'Inflation' is a political ideology in its own right. His most recent monograph is Citizenship and the Strawman (Oxford University Press, 2005), and he co-edited two other books on environmental/ ecological citizenship in 2005. In 2006 he co-edited Political Theory and the Ecological Challenge (Cambridge University Press) with Robyn Eckersley.

He ran as a Green Party candidate in the 2005 general election, but was not elected. He also ran in the local elections in 2006, contesting the Keele ward, and came within a handful of votes of unseating the leader of the Liberal Democrats. Dobson was a lead writer of the Green Party's 2010 general election manifesto.[1]

He was made an Academician in the Academy of Social Sciences in February 2008. He was a founding editor of the international journal, Environmental Politics. He served until 2012 as an academic member of the DEFRA advisory body, the Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN), and was an advisor to the Government's Sustainable Development Commission.Template:Citation needed

He is currently (2011-2013) a Leverhulme Research Fellow, conducting research on the role of listening in democratic theory and practice. There is a Wiki where quotations, pictures, aphorisms, photographs to do with listening can be posted:

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