This is a placeholder page for an article about carbon dioxide. The article should present general info on CO2 first. The argument about anthropogenic climate change, global warming etc. should go on its own page, with a link from here. A link to general science pages about CO2 would be sufficient, and we can concentrate on its ecological aspects.

One ton of CO2 has 3/11 tons of C, 100/191 tons of ethanol, 30/11 tons of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 40/11 pounds of Li, 180/11 pounds of Mo, 20/33 pounds of Dy, 3/209 tons of W, 40/33 pounds of In, 150/187 pounds of Ta, 3/286 pounds of Pt, 2/297 pounds of Pd, 1,450/109 pounds of Mn, 881/154,000 pounds of Cr, 2,587/1,540,000 pounds of Se, 1,971/385,000 pounds of As, 849/140,000 pounds of Ni, 1/3 tons of Fossil fuel, 1,000/3 pounds of Carbon monoxide, 7,600 square feet of habitat, 12/5 tons of life, 750/11 pounds of Mg, a 11/15 ton asteroid, 75 gallons of oil, 72,500,000/7 btus of energy, 725/16,632 tons of Al, 841/177,408 tons of B, 25/22 pounds of Ag, 100 gallons of gasoline

One metric ton of CO2 has 5/224 nanograms of Tc, 800 square meters of habitat, 500/3 kilograms of Carbon monoxide, a 11/15 metric ton asteroid, 15/44 milliliters of Rn, 30/11 carats of Sr

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