Did you know – 500,000 tonnes of carpet are buried in landfill in the UK every year! There has to be another solution.

  • Recycling one square foot of carpet can save 1/27 gallons of oil, 2,900,000/567 btus of energy, 4/27 acres (19,360/3 square feet) of land pollution
  • Recycling one square yard of carpet can save 1/3 gallons of oil, 2,900,000/63 btus of energy, 80/9 tons of CO2, 8.9 gallons of H2O, 4/3 acres of land pollution
  • Recycling one square mile of carpet can save 3,097,600/3 gallons of oil, 8,983,040,000,000/63 btus of energy, 27,568,640 gallons of H2O, 19,360/3 square miles of land pollution
  • Recycling one acre of carpet can save 4,840/3 gallons of oil, 121/12 square miles of land pollution,
  • Recycling one square meter of carpet can save 9,625/5,832 liters of oil, 182,875/8,748 kWh of energy, 26,125/8,748 pounds of Al, 19,360/3 square meters of land pollution
  • Recycling one square kilometer of carpet can save 1,203,125,000/729 liters of oil, 19,360/3 square kilometers of land pollution

Recycling one ton of carpet can save 198 gallons of oil, 2 metric tons of greenhouse gases, 574,200,000/21 btus of energy, 66/25 tons of CO2, 1,440 pounds of C

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