The Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX) is a social network for bringing together investors, issuers, companies, non-profit organizations and people interested in small eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable businesses, including those in the creative industry (music, art, movies, performances). Note that issuers in the creative industry needs to keep their social and creative ideals central to their mission - to ensure both a sustainable enterprise and great art.


The Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX) is the first social stock exchange in North America, "empowering earth friendly and humanity friendly businesses ", such as social businesses (also called social benefit organizations).

GREENSX brings together investors and issuers who are interested in small eco-friendly, socially responsible and sustainable businesses. The exchange fosters “creative capitalism”, by not only generating wealth, but also benefiting society.


88 % of people think it is important for companies not to only be profitable, but to be conscious of their impact on the environment and on society.
82% of U.S. citizens are concern about climate change.
The changes in consumer lifestyles that we are seeing are not simply a passing trend because they are carried through by a reality: climate change, pollution, scarcity of raw materials, and economic disorder. The responsible consumer is a growing trend.
The so-called socially responsible investments (SRI) represent USD $3 trillion in assets. These SRI are mostly unavailable to small green businesses because mostly they are not listed on any stock markets

Why the Need for a New Green Stock Exchange?

Makes it easier for green investors to find and support social entrepreneurs;
Makes public offerings for small green businesses easier & less costly;
Provides early stage investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors with a quicker exit strategy, in addition to more liquidity for their securities
Social businesses are wary of listing on a mainstream exchange for fear of having their social mission hijacked; green businesses have different philosophies than traditional businesses;
Our Certified Green Business Logo program helps consumers identified that a company is certified green by meeting the social and sustainable guidelines set by the exchange


The Green Stock Exchange

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