Recycling one gallon of motor oil can save 1,000,000 gallons of water pollution, 4 acres of land pollution, 2,900,000/21 btus of energy, 29/49,896 tons of Al, 4/3 gallons of gasoline, 80/3 pounds of CO2, 80/11 pounds of C, 5,000,000 metric tons of Hg, 1/105 ounces of U, 800/11 pounds of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 1/65,625 ounces of He, 2,900/2,919 gallons of diesel fuel, 10/3 gallons of H2O

Recycling one metric ton of oil can save 11,630 kWh of energy, 1,163/1,400 tons (725/3,969 metric tons) of Al, 2,326/7 metric tons of Pb, 1,163/2 metric tons of limestone, 10/7 metric tons of coal, 4,652/4,957 metric tons of 1,3-butadiene

Recycling one ton of oil can save 2,326/7 tons of Pb, 1,163/2 tons of limestone, 10/7 tons of coal, 4,652/4,957 tons of 1,3-butadiene, 6,380,000,000/147 btus of energy, 725/3,969 tons of Al

Recycling one liter of oil can save 1 megaliter of Water pollution, 4/3 liters of gasoline, 38/3 kWh of energy, 38/21 pounds of Al, 2,900/2,919 liters of diesel fuel, 684,288/175 square meters of land pollution, 10/3 liters of H2O, $1.52

Recycling one barrel (42 gallons) of oil can save 42,000,000 gallons of water pollution, 168 acres of land pollution, 56 gallons of gasoline, 5,800,000 btus of energy, 1,120 pounds of CO2, 29/1,188 tons of Al, 210,000,000 metric tons of Hg, 2/5 ounces of U, 84/55 tons of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 2/3,125 ounces of He, 140 gallons of H2O

Vegetable OilEdit

Recycling one gallon of vegetable oil can save 123,143 btus of energy, 123,143/237,600,000 tons of Al, 25,860,030/29 gallons of water pollution, 862/725 gallons of gasoline

Recycling one liter of vegetable oil can save a 25,860/29 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 862/725 liters of gasoline, 8,189/725 kWh of energy, 8,189/5,075 pounds of Al

Olive oilEdit

Recycling one gallon of olive oil can save 18,050 gallons of H2O

Recycling one liter of olive oil can save 18,050 liters of water