Recycling one gallon of H2O can save 231 cubic inches of landfill space, 290,000/7 btus of energy, 5/28 pounds of Al, 1/15 pounds of Cl, 1/3 gallons of ethanol, 2/5 gallons of gasoline, 8 pounds of CO2, 240/11 pounds of Ore, rock, sand, soil, 6/5 gallons of NH3, 8/13 ounces of PO4, 300,000 gallons of water pollution, 3/10 gallons of oil, 6/5 acres of land pollution, 30.4 square feet of habitat

Recycling one liter of H2O can save 1/3 liters of ethanol, 2/5 liters of gasoline, 6/5 liters of NH3, 19/5 kWh of Energy, a 300 cubic meter lake from being polluted, 3 deciliters of oil, 19/35 pounds of Al

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