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"Observers generally agree on the principal actions needed to put society on a sustainable footing, such as stabilizing population, conserving soil, and developing renewable energy resources," writes former Worldwatch president, Lester Brown. "But confusion persists over how well the world is doing in meeting these goals."State of the World began in 1984 as a new annual project created to measure worldwide progress in achieving a sustainable society. Sing a broad network of information sources, the report monitors changes in the global resource base (land, water, energy, and biological support systems), focusing particularly on how changes there affect the economy. A natural outgrowth of the Worldwatch Institute's ongoing progress, the book is published in response to a growing demand for policy-oriented interdisciplinary research. Here the reader will find news on innovative and particularly successful technical developments; an emphasis on global economic connections that policy makers often overlook; a review of national policies and programs, including progress toward specific national goals; and a survey of major financial commitments by governments and international development agencies.

  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Stabilizing Population
  • Chapter 3: Reducing Dependence on Oil
  • Chapter 4: Conserving Soils
  • Chapter 5: Protecting Forests
  • Chapter 6: Recycling Materials
  • Chapter 7: Reassessing the Economics of Nuclear Power
  • Chapter 8: Developing Renewable Energy
  • Chapter 9: Reconsidering the Automobile's Future
  • Chapter 10: Securing Food Supplies
  • Chapter 11: Reshaping Economic Policies

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