I really like this topic of Sustainable Fashion and I think it relates to todays consumers, possibly more because of economic issues than environmental ones, however. More and more people are reselling their clothes, or buying second hand clothes off websites such as Ebay and Asos Marketplace, simply because they cannot afford to buy the new clothes and labels that they want. If more people were aware of the environmental benefits of second hand, or 'vintage' clothes, I think this trend would be even more appealing. Unfortunatley, with hard economic times there are also shops that are selling cheap and 'disposable' fashion. More awareness can be made for sustainable fashion as I think it is a topic more and more people should be aware about, and acting on, as it can not only benefit the environment, but help individuals economically. Does anyone think there needs to be more public awareness of this topic as well? And do people think that consumers would act on it?

Socialcompsophie 22:37, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

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