My Cat with Her WoLover Catnip Stick

This summer I began my cats on an eco-friendly lifestyle. I switched them to biodegradable poop bags for their litter, which is now made of 100% recycled paper, and invested in organic cat toys made of natural ingredients. Buying pet food in bulk can save a surprising amount of waste. I began them on the Wellness Grain Free cat food that is available on Amazon and has partnered with Terracycle, a program that will ensure you food bags are recycled responsibly. Many of these easy switches are saving me tons of money in the long run and I have also dictated a lot of options that are completely free. You can learn more by clicking on this link:

I have created The Easy Guide to an Eco-Friendly Cat where I have broken down all the tips and methods I used to transition my cats into a more sustainable lifestyle.

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