First WoW warlock guides(part seven)Hello friends, welcome to Thepowerlevel!Here we will introduce you some detailed WoW first warlock guides given by Tammoria, if you are a new player to this game, please read the following description, hope you like it. If you would like to buy the cheapest wow gold, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant.Demo/Destro- the demo/destro spec must have the stats of 202 spell hit, 18% spell crit, and 800 spell damage. This is the build that you are going to after the affliction spec–when you have the stats(WoW powerleveling). Demo/Desto Playstyle - Keeping your Succubus alive is key. Micro managing your pet is vital, since it dying means losing a lot of dps. - Spell rotations are similar to affliction, with a much higher accent on Shadow Bolts. Therefore your COE, then put up corrution and shadowbolt until you need to redot. - Ask for buffs on your pet. His stamina and intellect will boost your attack power, and it'll allow him to stay alive longer. BoW should help too - If you choose to use a Succubus, don't have her use Lash of Pain on the primary target(buy wow gold), as it eats ISB debuff charges. - [Sporeling Snack] and [Kibler's Bits] work on Warlock Pets. - Greater blessings cast on warlocks will also affect their demons, except the Felguard. Felguard and hunter pets get greater blessings cast on Warriors instead. Phase shifted imps do not receive buffs. - Demons which are about to die can be dismissed and nearly instantly resummoned with Fel Domination. This will conserve their buffs, and bring them back with full health and mana. The command to dismiss a demon is or run PetAbandon, which can be macro'd and assigned to a button. Destro build- this is the 0/21/40 destro build. It is current built except you do not have points into Nether Protection, instead you put those 3 into Emberstorm. That is just a preference thing, and it makes it aoe rain of fire, then does it slightly more damage but you are not as tough. The destro build is the highest dps if you have the stats for it. The base stats for this spec are: 202 spell hit, 21% spell crit, and 1100 spell damage.Thanks for your reading and have a good time.

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