Guides on Atlantica Mercenary(part sixteen)Hello friends, here is Thepowerlevel!Next we will provide you some Atlantica Mercenary guides and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you. If you have no time to earn Atlantica Online Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price.  Usefulness:PvP–8PvE–9 Sailor (Grade B)Level(Atlantica powerleveling) Requirement: 100Upgrade: Phoenix Soul Crystal, Phoenix Soul Jewel Hero Stats:Str-582Dex–355Def–150Int–269Vit–327Mdef– 145 Skills(Atlantica Gold):Blood VengeanceToxic Sword Description:The Sailor is a purely offensive character. Her strength is one of the highest though her defense is very low. Toxic Sword causes -AP as well as damage to your enemies and Blood Vengence deals heavy damage but it comes with the sacrifice of HP from your mercenaries. It is quite useful as a last ditch method. The ability to use 2 swords also offers the Sailor a very high damage rating.Thanks for your reading and have fun.

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