A profit introduction on Metin2 skillsDear guys, happy to meet you in Thepowerlevel!We collect some useful details about a profit introduction on Metin2 skills given by infowowgold, hope you like it. If you have no time to earn Metin2 gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you.  1. Lightning strike: This skill is lightning Metin2 Master skills(Metin2 yang) are best when are you in the future damage. At the same time, it hit the target a lot, what is also very cool, a strike, the ability to make the goal of dizziness, and can doubt the fact that in the training. The only drawback is that lightning, it has been cool 15 seconds. This is very long, compared to other damage skills. However, when you use it wisely, and this is definitely a good choice in order to master it. 2. Lightning Lance is a very lovely Metin2 PvP skills! It always hits the target, and sometimes more direct position, they are adjacent to each other. This is a great damage is good, you only need to cool 7 seconds. In the gun, interaction and treatment of lightning strike the Master in the PVP strong. 3. Wind speed, a particular favorite of the Metin2 skill players run around very fast, there are high-skilled speed. It gives you 48% and 44% of the speed of motor skills, what is in the PvP is absolutely wonderful as well as in PVM's. 4. Chain Lightning is a necessary Metins skills. The chain hits the target more if it is higher. Chain Lightning is very good when it comes to guildwars, but you should take into account this goal less than a direct damage to the gun, at the wrong time to use the chain of command may result in death care. 6. Nature of the sector is not very effective Metin2 guitar skills, than others. This skill is conducive to a comprehensive lightning buffer can be used for agriculture or light yellow poly people. This is a more effective welfare of others. Thanks for your reading and have a good hunting.

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