Metin2 Guides on Versus Force ArcherDear old and new friends, here is Thepowerlevel!If you have no time to earn Metin2 gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. Here are some Metin2 Guides on Versus Force Archer, and I got the source from other websites, hope you like it.You could only prefer this style against Force Archers, against you are expecting for the worst, if they are PVP wise, they are equipped with the most effective anti-mana freeze gears and have a different combo set reserved for FB with 4 skill(Metin2 yang) range 9, and could immediately switch to it's original combo set once they FB goes sword style. If they are covered with a costumeepaulet: The most logical thing to do is to have a great distance, try to break it's combo at the very start, then you could plan Field of Execration and get some more distance. If they are not covered with a costumeepaulet: Then you could try to cast exe, then fade, then activate your combo-field of enervation-mana freeze- Force Kick- your preferred DPS sword skill combo. Things here might get to situation, just don't commence an assault when they casted Art of Sniping a buff that represents a Red Bow. After the count down is finished, and you could see the start message fades away directly, and then fade your character in a direction, your opponent can not directly predict, then cast Mana Freeze then start the combo and do not forget to include hardluck if possible then do your thing.If you have any interests, please come here and our service is for 24 hours every day. We promise you will be greatly satisfied here! Thanks for your reading and have a good hunting. 

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